top technology at every stage of your simcha.

Invite guests and For guests - a fun, See actual statistics
Invite guests and
Manage RSVPs
For guests - a fun,
exciting & convenient
See actual statistics
about your event

Plan table layout Hosts - real time Thank guests,
Plan table layout
and seat guests
Hosts - real time
info for efficiency
Thank guests,
share pictures

Invite guests andInvite guests & Manage RSVPs - customized, efficient and convenient!

Import contacts from anywhere saving time and mistakes. Choose the invitation template, email to guests, also send SMS invitations, Facebook invitations, or internet link. Guests conveniently respond with RSVP's via email, SMS, internet, or Facebook saving everyone time & effort. To ensure accuracy, we will also follow up by a personal phone call, send reminder emails by SMS, and Facebook for guests' convenience.

Plan table layoutPlan table layout and seat guest - it's fun and easy to plan without mistakes!

Graphic interface, easily drag & drop tables to create the floor layout. Label the tables to help plan, collaborate with other planners and venue to improve coordination. Drag & drop to assign guests to tables - fast, fun & easy. Add guests to groups for efficient and accurate planning.

For guests - a fun,For Guests - a fun and exciting attraction increasing guests' convenience!

Table seating - (instead of searching for cards!) guests check in at the touch screen and also love the ability to see who is sitting with them at the table. Event schedule - guests can see the schedule to ensure that theydon't miss anything. Host pictures - guests have fun swiping through pictures on the screen.

Hosts (Event planners & Venues)

Real time info at the event saving time and ensuring all runs smoothly Use actual guest arrival statistics (also on line) to help logistics and meal decisions during the event. See which tables have seats open (or are full) to help hosts make money saving decisions at the time. Know which guests have arrived (by name).

Hosts - real timeSee and record useful information about your event

Have accurate information on exactly how many people actually attended the event... by name, group or table.

Thank guests and share pictures after the event!

Track gifts from guests - remember who gave what so that you can thank them! Personalized Thank you letters - easily thank family and friends for joining the event via email or Facebook, keep record of what you wrote.

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